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体彩排列三2017141期寻码图:Zimbra Talk V2 – Now available in Zimbra Network Edition

Enterprise-level messaging and videoconferencing licenses can now be purchased for your most used communication tool, the Zimbra Web Client – with no third-party products and simple installation.

Bringing Email, Calendaring, Messaging and Videoconferencing into Zimbra Network Edition for Enterprise-Level Collaboration

Zimbra Talk V2 brings secure, high-quality chat and videoconferencing right into the Zimbra Web Client, the tool you already use the most for communication with email. Available as a cost-effective, license-per-user feature, Zimbra Talk V2 is the perfect collaboration tool. Users can chat and videoconference 1:1 and in groups, share files, share their screen and so much more.

At the corporate messaging level, Zimbra Talk V2 provides messaging and videoconferencing with unlimited users via Spaces and Channels. Your IT department will be happy to know that Zimbra Talk V2 is based on the WebRTC protocol, a peer-to-peer-adaptive technology that allows multiple users to communicate without overloading the server. The new, improved UI was developed in REACT and is seamlessly integrated with the Zimbra Web Client with two client-side components: the IM Panel and the fully-featured Zimbra Talk Tab.

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Zimbra Talk - Video Call

Zimbra Talk V2

Messaging, videoconferencing, file sharing, screen sharing and much more …


1:1 and Group Messaging




Screen Sharing

File Sharing




Buddy and Presence management

Message Delivery and Read Awareness


Persistent, Shared History with Activity Log

Back-End Features:

  • COS and user availability
  • XMPP compatibility for 1:1 IM
  • Built-in TURN server compatibility
  • No core installation needed. Zimlet installation through a package manager.
  • No configuration needed
  • Peer-to-Peer WebRTC protocol to avoid server load
  • Dedicated audit log
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