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Zimbra Frequently Asked Questions

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Zimbra has both a free Open Source Edition as well as a premium Network Edition.

You can find here a detailed Comparison Table between each Products.

Pricing of Network Edition depends on the size of your installation and the type of business or organization you have. Generally speaking:

  • The more mailboxes you purchase, the less you will pay per mailbox (sliding scale)
  • Non-profits, government, education are eligible for discounted rates
  • Service providers (who resell hosted Zimbra) have pricing conducive for large-scale deployments

Here is an example:

  • A business wanting 150 mailboxes of the Professional Edition: $28 x 150 = $4,200 per year. This license commitment is eligible for Zimbra Basic Support.
  • A government agency looking for the same package: $14 x 150 = $2,100 per year. Also eligible for Zimbra Basic Support.
A mailbox license is an account with a physical email inbox and typically belongs to one person.

Now it is possible to have an account set up for a virtual “role” within your organization that may not be staffed by an individual. So, to decide how many licenses you want to purchase the next question becomes when do you need a new account versus just using an alias or distribution list (which are not considered new accounts).

First some definitions:

  • Account:[email protected]”, she has a mailbox, calendar, documents, quota, etc.
    • An account is considered a provisioned account that is counted against your license, regardless of the account status. The only accounts that are not counted against your license are system accounts (for example spam and archiving), and external virtual accounts (for example, a share granted to a user on another email system).
  • Alias: She can also be “[email protected]” or even “[email protected]”.
    • The alias is unique to this account
    • Jane could receive email sent to [email protected] and would reply back as “[email protected]
    • All the mail sent to the alias lives in her mailbox (if she leaves the mail archive for “info” would be lost)
  • Distribution List: A group of accounts / aliases

To have a permanent role in your organization for “[email protected]” that doesn’t disappear if Jane moves you will want a new account. This way others can log in to check the email, you will have an archive, you can reply back to messages as “info”, plus Jane won’t have all the “[email protected]” counting against quota.

Important: Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 count disabled or inactive mailboxes against your license, because you are retaining a copy of the data and have access to the account. If you don’t want the mailbox counted against your license, you can retain a copy of the account by exporting the data using your own method or you can delete the account.

We sell ZCS for on-premise deployment at a minimum of 25 mailboxes, so there are two options if you want less than 25:

  • For on-premise installations some customers purchase the minimum 25 licenses, planning for growth
  • Most use one of Zimbra’s many hosting providers who will provide the exact number of mailboxes you need (remember Zimbra does not provide hosting to customers, we only sell ZCS for on-premise deployment)
No, we only sell the software license. If you want someone to host Zimbra for you we have many Hosting Partners who can provide you with that service.
You can purchase ZCS by contacting your sales representative or simply buy online. Things to know: the number of Standard / Professional Edition mailbox licenses you want, if you need Zimbra Mobile, Zimbra Archiving and Discovery or any Support options and they will provide you with a quote form and contract to sign. If you are not sure who your sales contact is, just email [email protected]
Your basic ZCS features will still be working, but the following occurs:

You can no longer add new user accounts
Zimbra Mobile and the Zimbra Outlook & iSync Connectors will be disabled
Administrators will see an alert message when they log into the Admin console
Of course, if you’re not ready to purchase Network Edition but like Zimbra, you can always revert the Trial to the Open Source Edition. You will lose all the Network Edition benefits, but your data will still be intact plus you will have the basic features.

Yes. The process is the same as a typical upgrade.

  1. Perform a backup of your Open Source environment (just in case)
  2. Download the Network Edition and unzip it
  3. Follow the installation process by running ./install.sh (You should get prompted if you want to upgrade from an existing version of Zimbra, in this case OSS. Choose ‘Yes’ and follow directions).
  4. For reference, download and read the installation instructions for Network Edition
Unfortunately you can not mix them, but there are multiple versions of Network Edition available to meet varying needs.
Yes. From a features standpoint, this is managed by “Class of Service” in the Administration Console where you can set up different features per account. A business running ZCS on-premise that wants to have 50 accounts with Standard and 50 with Professional features would purchase 50 of each license respectively. Service providers can also define their own COS, but should contact Sales for details on the resale pricing model.
If you are installing ZCS on premise then storage is only limited by how much physical storage space you wish to allocate to each account (eg it can be unlimited, 10GB, 2GB, etc) depending on hardware constraints. The Administration Console allows your IT team to easily set up “Class of Service” for the accounts.

If you wish to purchase a Zimbra account from a hosted service provider, they will determine how much storage will be allocated to you; typically based on industry norms.

Zimbra Support is provided to users who purchase ZCS Network Edition. All customers who purchase are eligible for Basic service which includes Email, Support Portal access, Knowledge Base, and upgrades. Customers with a qualifying license commitment are eligible for Premium service which includes phone and 24×7 crisis support. Basic service customers are able to purchase “Per Incident” phone and crisis support if they wish.

Network trial users are also eligible for Basic support for the duration of their 60 day trial.

Paid support for on-premises deployment of Zimbra Open Source Edition is available and can be purchased through Zimbra’s Value Added Reseller (VAR) channel. Request a quote.

Free.fr current or previous customer? If you’re facing an issue with your email account, please contact Free.fr support team.

Paying customers must have Premium support service on top of their Basic support service. Network trial users are eligible for Basic Support only, which does not include phone support.

Phone support for Zimbra Open Source Edition can be purchased through Zimbra’s Value Added Reseller (VAR) channel. Learn More.

Customers under a perpetual license must pay 20% support during the first year, and thereafter can elect annually whether to renew Support and Maintenance. Such customers must be under a current Support agreement to be eligible to receive any minor updates (such as 8.0.x) including security patches/updates, major updates (such as 8.x) or new versions (such as 8.7). Customers who choose to not renew their Support at the time of the annual renewal may subsequently resume Support, and have access to product updates and upgrades, by paying the “true up amount” back to the time of non-renewal. An additional reinstatement fee may also be applied.

For example, if the customer fails to renew for 6 months, in order to resume Support, the customer must pay 18 months (6 months of unpaid support + 1 year of support from date of renewal) to get back on the Support and Maintenance plan.

Please refer the Zimbra Maintenance & Support Terms and Conditions for official information on Support Terms and Conditions: //www.nuw9.cn/support/support-offerings

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All I can say is your support is THE BEST that I’ve seen in a while. We will strongly recommend your product to another company that is looking for an email solution.

Arnold Saidon, Interim HealthCare, Inc.

Thank you for the excellent support last night. We had some issues getting the cluster back up and you helped us through it late last night. Just wanted to say we appreciated it!

Justin Fitzhugh, Mozilla

Thanks for the blazing fast responses, I have never regretted paying for the Network Edition, the excellent support has been well worth it.

Jonathan Romero, Raydiance

I want to thank the whole Zimbra Team, you did a great job and you give an excellent support to the customer. 100 points.

Alfredo Medina, Centro de Tecnologías Avanzadas

I am writing to thank all of you for your help, guidance and good humor. Thanks to all of you, we successfully migrated our server this weekend to new hardware with a new hostname and all is working well. I am sending this to you from my Nokia E61 via Zimbra Mobile – which is working splendidly on the new server. So many, many, many thanks!

Todd Corleto, MacVolks

Well you guys ROCK! Thanks.

Travis Butcher, SeattleServer.com, Inc.

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We are committed to providing high-value and cost-effective support options for our customers.


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