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排列三方法技巧大全:Zimbra Open Source Edition Support

The Best Support for 100s of Millions of Zimbra OSE Mailboxes Worldwide

Zimbra Open Source Edition Support

We love, embrace and contribute to Open Source, and we are sure you do too. But to be honest – sometimes it isn’t all your company needs. Open Source is a way of building software, not a vendor itself.

When Zimbra Open Source goes wrong, it can be incredibly frustrating. Trying to find the expert or the expertise you need, trying to work out what the problem is, searching for hours in our Wiki or external Blogs for documentation, even asking in forums and waiting for a reply while your system is down can become a really tricky situation from a business perspective.


Perhaps you, or anyone in your company, doesn’t have enough expertise. There may be legal, contractual or organizational requirements to have formal, external support in place, especially at the university or government level. It may be that you simply want reassurance if and when the worst happens.

Ensure your Business Email with Zimbra Open Source Edition (OSE) Support, providing the same level of reliable technical support for open source edition as for our Network Edition. Supporting millions of mailboxes already, Zimbra Open Source Edition Support provides many advantages for Zimbra’s open source user base:

  • Elevate to Business Ready: OSE Support can take your Zimbra deployment to the business-ready level.
  • Provided by Experts: Receive support from the people who know Zimbra the best!

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Common Zimbra Open Source Support questions:

Zimbra Collaboration 8.5 and above are fully supported
Yes. Zimbra Partners can offer to you value-added services for OSE beyond the break-fix services provided by Zimbra. Example: Partners can offer security auditing and monitoring for OSE.
Zimbra’s OSE support program is restricted to Zimbra Plus, Zimbra Talk and other Zimbra-provided add-on products.
Yes. Your assigned Authorized Partner will offer you a ticketing system, and a phone number depending of the Partner, where you can speak your own Language, submit a Support Request, follow the status of your tickets, etc.
Next Business Day. Zimbra Open Source Support guarantee a SLA of maximum next business day for first level support cases and it’s always offered through our Authorized Partners.
Yes. Zimbra Partners or Customers, participating in the Zimbra Open Source program are encouraged to join and participate in the Zeta Alliance.
Yes, Open Source users must purchase Open Source Support for the same number of mailboxes to buy Zimbra Suite Plus. However, you can purchase Open Source Support without purchasing Zimbra Suite Plus.
No. Zimbra OSE Support is limited to on-premises deployment of Zimbra OSE.
A mailbox license is an account with a physical email inbox and typically belongs to one person.
No, support is limited to the official, unmodified distribution of Zimbra OSE available on the Downloads section.
Zimbra Open Source Edition Support Offerings Zimbra Open Source Support – Partner Requirements
Sold through Zimbra’s Value Added Reseller (VAR) channel Be approved by Synacor to sell Zimbra OSE Support
Limited to on premises deployment of Zimbra OSE Sign an addendum to the standard Synacor VAR Agreement enabling VARs to provide OSE support & sell OSE Add-Ons
VARs provide 1st level 8×5 support in their local time zone & language Demonstrate the ability to provide 1st level support for Zimbra OSE Customers
Zimbra provides 2nd & 3rd level support in English w/ next business day response Maintain an incident management system to track customer issues
Support limited to the official, unmodified distribution of Zimbra OSE available on 排列三计算器 Demonstrate the ability to escalate technical support issues to Zimbra in English via email or phone

Support Level Access Methods

Trial OSE Support Standard Premier Elite Elite +
Support Portal (Web-based Service Requests)
Self-Service (Forums/Wiki/ Documents)
Phone Support (Business Hours)
Phone Support (24×7 for Sev-1s)
Service Requests 10 in first 60 days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

* Support Portal provided by the Certified Partner

Support Level Services

Trial OSE Support Standard Premier Elite Elite +
Web-based Service Requests
Phone-based Service Requests
Development Support
Annual Health Check
Technical Operations & Upgrade Planning Service
* * *
Training * * * *
Quarterly JPOR & Trusted Advisor Services
Root Cause Analysis
Named Relationship Manager
Named Lead Support Engineer
Source Code Support & Access Management
– Core Development Support
– Code Review and Integration
* *
Professional Services * * * * * *
Patch Support

* Available as add-on service

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