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Zimbra 8.8: Easier, Faster, Stronger, Safer, Smarter

The most robust version of Zimbra ever

Zimbra Drive

File sync and share functionality. Built on the ownCloud/Nextcloud platform, seamless synchronization & sharing of files between users.

NG Modules

Backend Improvements

Zimbra Docs

Refactored IMAP services to run separately from all other Zimbra services. Improved SIEVE RFC compliance and Ephemeral Data. These features debut as beta in Zimbra 8.8.

With Zimbra Docs, users can create and collaborate using documents, spreadsheets and presentations right inside the Zimbra Web Client.

Zimbra Talk V2

Enterprise-level messaging and videoconferencing licenses can now be purchased for Zimbra Network Edition - with no third-party products and simple installation. Give your users everything they need to collaborate with coworkers, all inside the communication tool they use the most - Zimbra. Includes file and screen sharing plus corporate messaging and unlimited videoconferencing.

排列三试机号码走势图 百度:Bringing Email, Calendaring and Chat/Videoconference into Zimbra for Enterprise-Level Collaboration

Zimbra Collaboration is the world’s leading open source messaging and collaboration solution, trusted by more than 5,000 companies and public sector customers, and 100s of millions of end users, in over 140 countries.

Zimbra includes complete email, contacts, calendar, file sharing, tasks and messaging/videoconferencing, all accessed from the Zimbra Web Client via any device. You can deploy Zimbra as a traditional on-prem install or through a Zimbra hosting provider.

All the Collaboration Features Your Users Need

Zimbra incorporates several open source projects under one supported and certified application to offer world-class, open source collaboration software consumable for the enterprise

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What’s New in Zimbra Collaboration?

NEW Zimbra Talk v2

  • 1:1 & Group Messaging
  • 1:1 & Group Videoconferencing
  • Corporate Messaging using Spaces and Channels
  • Channel Videoconferencing with Unlimited Participants
  • File Sharing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Buddy List Management and More!

Zimbra Drive, Zimbra Docs, ABQ (Allow/Block/Quarantine) Service and much more …

Rolling Upgrade Improvements

This was a rewrite of the NG module Admin console interfaces to allow the presence of mixed, multi-server environments with legacy NE and NG modules. Benefits include:

  • Better coexistence with legacy NE
  • Error-level messages no longer changed to notifications

Platform refactoring for easier updates

Technical Specifications

Zimbra Collaboration is supported on a variety of Hypervisors and Operating Systems

System Requirements

Evaluation and Testing

  • ? Intel/AMD 64-bit CPU 1.5 GHz
  • ? RAM requirements:
    • ? For single server installations, a minimum of 8GB of RAM is required.
    • ? For multi-server installations, contact Zimbra sales for recommendations.
  • ? 5 GB free disk space for software and logs
  • ? Temp file space for installs and upgrades*
  • ? Additional disk space for mail storage

Production environments

  • ? Intel/AMD 2.0 GHZ+ 64-bit CPU
  • ? RAM requirements:
    • ? For single server installations, a minimum of 8GB of RAM is required.
    • ? For multi-server installations, contact Zimbra sales for recommendations.
  • ? Temp file space for installs and upgrades*
  • ? 10 GB free disk space for software and logs (SATA or SCSI for performance, and RAID/Mirroring for redundancy)
  • ? Additional disk space for mail storage

*Temp files space: The zimbra-store requires 5GB for /opt/zimbra, plus additional space for mail storage. The other nodes require 100MB.

Cloud Platforms

The following Cloud Platforms are supported:

  • ? Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service New
  • ? VMware vCloud Director
  • ? VMware vCloud Air

Virtualization Platforms

The following hypervisors are supported:

  • ? VMware vSphere 4.x
  • ? VMware vSphere 5.x
  • ? XenServer 6.2
  • ? XenServer 6.5
  • ? KVM

Operating Systems

The following Operating Systems are supported:

  • ? Red Hat? Enterprise Linux? 7 (64-bit)
  • ? Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (64-bit), patch level 4 or later is required
  • ? Oracle Linux 7.2 New
  • ? Oracle Linux 6.6 New
  • ? CentOS Linux? 7 (64-bit)
  • ? CentOS Linux 6 (64-bit), patch level 4 or later is required
  • ? Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server Edition (64-bit)
  • ? Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS Server Edition (64-bit) running the saucy (3.11) or later kernel is required
service providers worldwide
government & financial institutions
businesses worldwide use Zimbra in the cloud

The cost of the Zimbra solution is greatly lower than solutions like Microsoft Exchange, and the functionality is excellent.

Marc Denechere, Directeur InformatiqueMairie d’Aubervilliers
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